Growing Deeper In Faith

As we journey and grow as followers of Jesus, our faith is never meant to become stagnant. It's about growth, it's about an exciting journey as we discover what it means to truly live life to the full. Because of this, we want to be a church that offers your next steps in your faith journey, no matter where you're at. If you are ready to explore any of the opportunities below, follow the prompts for the course or group you are interested in, or contact Jay Ewing, Pastor of Spiritual Formation, here.

  • Courses

    Who For? Anyone from beginners to those deep in faith.

    What? Programs of various themes for various walks of life. Scroll below to the next section to view available courses.

  • Baptism

    Who For? Those wanting to take the next step in their faith journey after deciding to follow Jesus and wanting to live for Him.

    What? Publicly declaring your faith through water baptism at our next baptism service.

    Are you ready to get baptized? Fill out your application here.

    If you feel you need to further discuss what baptism is before applying, click here to book a meeting with Jay Ewing, Pastor of Spiritual Formation.

  • Small Groups

    Who For? Those looking to find greater community and opportunity for spiritual growth during the week in the Redwood community.

    What? Smaller Groups gather during the week and due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we are requiring all small groups to be meeting online until further notice. 

  • Women's Bible Study

    Who For? Women of all ages, various denominations, new to faith, or mature in Christ- All women are welcome! If you are looking to find greater community, connection, and support in your spiritual growth during the week within the Redwood community.

    What? This group meets online every Wednesday from 9:30-11:30am via ZOOM. They study The Bible as well as various books or video resources together and have regular scheduled time to pray and intercede for one another. 

    Bible Study is on break for the summer months and will resume in the Fall.

Courses to Grow Deeper

  • Alpha Film Series

    Who For? Anyone looking to explore the basics of Christian faith.

    What? Run over 12 weeks, this series allows anyone to explore life, faith and God in a friendly, open and informal environment. In each session, there is a short talk and discussion in small groups. An online Alpha Guide can be downloaded as a weekly resource to help you navigate the series. 

  • Celebrate Recovery

    Who For? Anyone feeling frustrated by old habits or hurting deeply, needing God's love.

    What? This 12-week course is designed to guide you to freedom from hurts, habits and hang-ups through the transforming power of Biblical truth. It brings hope to those tough hurts, habits and hang-ups that hinder us from moving forward in our faith journey. 

  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

    Who For? Anyone looking for the tools to develop a deep interior friendship with Jesus.

    What? In the course you will explore themes that touch places beneath the surface of our lives including but not limited to:

    • The problem of emotionally unhealthy spirituality
    • Going back in order to go forward in life
    • Journeying through the wall
    • Enlarging your soul through grief and loss
    • Discovering the rhythm of the daily office
  • Holy Spirit Encounter Weekend

    Who For? Those wishing for an opportunity to have focused time in going deeper with God and learning how to better access the power that He has promised through his Holy Spirit.

    What? The weekend’s content has teaching & practical ministry time that addresses the following issues:

    • Removing roadblocks to the Holy Spirit
    • Hearing God’s voice
    • Learning to forgive others
    • Praying with authority
    • Dealing with lies
  • Soul Care

    Who For? Those wanting to experience the healing of Jesus to walk into a life of lasting transformation, freedom, and a healthy soul.

    What? Soul Care is a 7-week video course viewed over ZOOM. The course explores 7 principles that are profound healing tools of God:

    • securing your identity
    • repentance
    • breaking family sin patterns
    • forgiving others
    • healing wounds
    • overcoming fears
    • deliverance

    Soul Care encourages you to gather a group of three comrades in arms to read, watch the videos, and process the material together. Through connecting together, you can open your souls to one another, access the presence & power of God in unity, and journey together into the freedom and fullness of Christ. Upon joining, we can connect you with a group to journey through this course with.

    For more information, watch the Soul Care Video Trailer here: