Redwood Summer Camp

At Redwood Summer Camp we believe that camp should be the most fun and most meaningful week of the summer! From relaxing at the beach to big games to playing paintball to times of worship and teaching around the fire we have designed Redwood Summer Camp to be a week where campers learn new skills, make great friendships and develop their character alongside some of the best youth workers in the city! 

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Early Bird registrations lasts until June 30th so get signed up! 

Early price: $225.00

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All campers needs a paper waiver signed to participate in camp! Download it HERE, fill it out, and drop it off at the church office!


Q. How do I get ahold of my child if I need to?

A. If you need to get in contact with any camper please contact the church office at 577-3463 and you will be put into contact with Jesse, our camp director. You can also email  Jesse directly at for non-emergency contact. 

Q. What does it mean that this is a Christian Camp? 

A.  Redwood Park Summer Camp is a Christian camp that welcomes campers and families from all backgrounds and religious beliefs. Redwood Camp provides a Christian environment for children and youth. This means that we hold core Christian beliefs and that we clearly present Christian faith to campers, in age-appropriate ways. Campers are invited to consider issues of life and faith from a Christian perspective and to decide for themselves. 

Q. How do you handle homesick campers or camp discipline?

A.  Although every camper and situation is unique, Redwood Camp staff use certain principles to manage homesickness and discipline. In situations of homesickness, caring leaders give campers the attention they need and endeavour to focus the child’s attention on the activities and people that they enjoy at camp. Sometimes writing a letter home helps campers manage their feelings. Though campers often want to call home, this is discouraged as it frequently makes homesickness worse, not better. In cases of severe homesickness, camp staff will contact the parents to get helpful tips and strategies for managing the homesickness, as well as to keep parents up to date.


Redwood Camp staff members are trained to use the utmost respect when dealing with all campers, even those who are acting out. No camper is ever disciplined physically. Relevant freedoms or privileges may be taken away for a time until the camper earns the trust of his or her leaders again. If a child proves that he or she cannot function well in the camp environment or if there are significant behavioural concerns, a child may be removed from camp and sent home. Removing a child from camp is at the discretion of the camp director and will result in no refund of camp fees.

Q. Is transportation provided?

A.  Transportation to and from camp will be your responsibility. 

Q. Where do campers sleep? 

A.  Campers will be sleeping in two cabins, separated according to gender, and supervised by our Redwood Camp Counsellors. 

Q. Are there laundry facilities? 

A.  No, there are no laundry facilities. It is the responsibility of the camper to bring enough clothes for the entire week. 

Q. Do I send snacks for my child?

A.  There is no need to bring snacks. There will be snacks provided throughout each day, and there will also be an option to purchase snacks at the tuck shop each day. Campers don’t need to bring anymore than $20 for tuck for the week.

Q. When is drop off and pick up time? 

A.  Drop off time is Sunday, August 11th at 6 P.M. and the pick up time is Friday, August 16th at 4 P.M. 

Q. How do you handle allergies?

A. Should your child have severe food allergies, please contact us at least one week ahead of arrival at camp to help us with menu planning. This will allow us to prepare appropriately to ensure your child has an enjoyable stay at camp. All information regarding the dietary restrictions and food allergies must be indicated on the online medical form at the time of registration. We will make every effort to accommodate allergies, however we cannot guarantee that there will be no trace of an allergen in food served.

Q. What is your cancellation/refund policy? 

A.  If you cancel more than two weeks prior to the start of camp, you will get a full refund less $75/week administration fee. If you cancel less than two weeks prior to the start of camp, you will get NO REFUND (includes camp fees, out-trip fees, and transportation fees if applicable) except for medical reasons with a note from a doctor. In that case, you will get a full refund less $75/week administration fee. No refund will be made for dismissals due to disciplinary action, late arrivals or early departures. Withdrawal during camp on physician’s orders will result in the value of fees for the unexpired term being refunded.

Q. Are there medical staff on the facility? 

A.  We cannot guarantee that there will always be a medical professional on site at all times, but many of our staff have first aid training and experience. 

Q. How are campers transported for field trips?

A.   Campers and staff are transported to and from off-site field trips by a school bus service leased for the purpose. Campers are supervised by Redwood Camp staff members at all times.

Q. Is camp peanut-free? 

A.  We will do our best to ensure a peanut-free facility, but we cannot guarantee it. 

Q. What is food like at Redwood Camp?

A.  Redwood Camp has an experienced team of trained cooks who prepare delicious and nutritious meals during camp. Vegetarian options are available at all meals. Campers with specific or complicated dietary requirements should consult with camp prior to their arrival. All dietary restrictions should be indicated on the online application medical form.