Care Ministry

How we show meaningful care for each other in times of need is a powerful example of the Redwood Park Church community. If you find yourself in need of care of any kind, we are here to help. You can access support for prayer, meals, hospital visits, end of life care, as well as personal and marriage counselling. 


Looking for someone to pray alongside you? We have a special team enlisted to pray for your requests through our prayer chain. You can also request an appointment to pray together over the phone by providing your phone number and best time to call. 

When we gather together in the church building for Sunday services, in person prayer is also available after each service. 

To submit a prayer request, please fill out this form.


Need help with a meal or two because you’re welcoming a new baby into your family or are facing a crisis? Volunteers are ready to bring fresh or frozen meals directly to your home. 

Contact us here so that we can determine how we can best serve you and your family.

You can email our Care Team directly if you have any questions here.

Hospital Visits

Need support for yourself or a loved one in the hospital? We have a team of compassionate caregivers who are committed to walking alongside you by providing meaningful care and support through hospital visitation. 

Please email us here to be connected with our team.

End of Life Care

Looking for care for yourself or a loved one facing the end of life? Our compassionate caregiving team is committed to coming alongside in both practical and spiritual ways to navigate these difficult days. 

Email us here to be connected with our care team. 


Is life just a bit too much to handle on your own? Caregivers are available to help you with personal and spiritual counselling. 

For more information, email Jay Ewing, Pastor of Spiritual Formation, here.

Can You Help?

With your time and skills – We’re interested in hearing from you if you feel called to volunteer with any of the care ministries. Fill out our online volunteer form here and a team lead will contact you to discuss opportunities.

With a donation – Donating to the Benevolence Fund is a great way to directly support the work of the Care Ministries. Interested in supporting this ministry with a financial gift? Click here to make a donation.

We’d love to hear from you!  Stories are a powerful way of sharing and encouraging others to reach out for help. Please share your story of how Redwood’s Care Ministry has made an impact on your life. Click here to get in touch with us.