Living Beyond

The mission of Redwood Park Church is to become fully alive followers of Jesus and to

become people who Love God, who Love One Another, and who Love Our World.

Living Beyond is how we express our heart and passion to love our world. 

Living out this mission means that as followers of Jesus, we are evidenced as people who are actively engaged as we Serve the City, Serve the Region, and in broader contexts overseas as we Serve the World.

It is Redwood's desire to be a church that lives beyond itself - a core value of who we are. 


A primary focus of Redwood’s outreach strategy will always encompass social justice issues and poverty, as well as address issues of racism, discrimination, and understanding right uses of power and privilege.  It is also a part of the fabric of Redwood to be a Church for the City, and to be people for all people of the City.  

As such, initiatives will be developed to encourage Redwood congregants to commit to being for specific families in their circles (who are outside of the church), and to commit to love and support them and to build relationship with them and be there for them in tangible ways.

City Ministries & Partnerships

Redwood Park Food Bank

Our food bank has been operating for over 12 years now, serving approximately 250 families per month. We are the second-largest food bank in Thunder Bay, and rely on donations from our Redwood community and our community garden, as well as the Regional Food Distribution Association. 

September 2020 UPDATE - Redwood Park Church Food Bank is reopening at 532 N. Edward Street on October 10th!

Here's what you'll need to know: 

  • Only 3 clients will be allowed through each area at a time.  
  • Washrooms will be unavailable. There will not be coffee or snacks served to clients.
  • Our regular door will be used for entry only. Exit will be out our delivery door.
  • Clients and volunteers will all be screened with the standard COVID-19 questionnaire.
  • Masks & social distancing are mandatory
  • Enhanced cleaning will occur before, during, and after our operation. 
  • Clients can access the food bank twice a month
  • ALL CLIENTS MUST PRE-REGISTER at 211.  Those not registered will be unable to receive a hamper.
  • All hampers are pre-packaged with fresh and pantry items.
  • Please bring original, current photo ID for yourself and proof of residency.  Other adults living in the house (aged 19 and over) must have original & current photo ID and proof of residency.  Children need current ID, but not proof of residency. 

Questions? Interested in volunteering with our food bank? Email Dianne at

Redwood 'Unleashed'

There is a team of people from Redwood who also serve a meal at the Shelter House on the third Wednesday of each month. For more information or to volunteer with this team, join the facebook page or email Debbie at


Partnerships & Annual Events

The Coldest Night of the Year - in support of Grace Place

The Day of Caring - in support of United Way

Christmas Wish Bags - in support of Dilico Anishinabek Family Care


The largest number of people with Indigenous ancestry in Canada live in Ontario-  with almost half of the registered ‘Indian’ population in Northwestern Ontario (45,000) living on sixty-six reserves.  Thirty of these First Nations are small remote communities, accessible only by air year round, or by ice road in the winter.  

The majority of First Nations living on reserve, including children, live in poverty. It is Redwood’s heart to address issues of poverty and justice with northern communities for which Thunder Bay has become an ‘urban hub’. Access to clean water is one of these major issues.


More than 80% of the population of the world lives in poverty.  There are approximately 370 million Indigenous Peoples worldwide, and although they make up 5 percent of the global population, they make up 15 percent of the extreme poor.  Redwood recognizes that Indigenous People world-wide seem to face similar issues at the hands of the dominant society, so it is Redwood’s desire to learn with and from Indigenous Peoples of other countries (and organizations who are working well with them), to gain knowledge on how to live in a better way with our own Indigenous neighbours.  

Redwood will also focus its global efforts on identifying organizations who are in alignment with Redwood’s vision and values, working globally to address overall issues of poverty, health, AIDs and access to clean water, and will partner with organizations financially to help address these global concerns. 

Opportunities & Partnerships

Lifewater Canada

In the summer of 2018 we successfully raised over $20,000 to provide safe clean water, sanitation, and basic health and hygiene training in support of Lifewater Canada. Our donation helped to drill a village well for the people of Old Community Land in Liberia and we also drilled a well for the people of Happyville Community in Liberia.

For more information about Lifewater Canada see

Christian & Missionary Alliance Global Advance

We support global outreach projects by contributing $25000 annually to the Alliance Global Advance Fund. “Jesus motivates us to go, to live on mission, aiming to be a Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused movement.

With approximately 250 international workers, spanning the globe, more than 40% of are in countries that closed their doors to traditional missionaries long ago. These countries are now referred to as Creative Access Countries. Each area in our global regions (Caribbean Sun, Desert Sand, Silk Road and Asian Spice) has a broad range of both physical and spiritual needs that intertwine in the lives of those who live there.”

To learn more about CMA's Global endeavours see